Ax 2012 Trade Agreements Setup

AX 2012 Trade Agreements Setup: An Overview

Trade agreements are an integral part of any business operation dealing with procurement or sales. In the world of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, the Trade Agreements feature is an essential tool for managing procurement and sales prices, discounts, and charges based on various criteria such as quantity, customer/vendor, and item group. This article provides an overview of the Trade Agreements setup process in AX 2012.

The Trade Agreement Journal

The Trade Agreement journal is where all agreements are created and maintained. It is typically accessed through the Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable module. The journal provides a single location for creating and maintaining trade agreements. It helps to avoid duplication and ensure that all agreements are consistent. The journal is available in two primary forms:

– Price/Discount agreement journal

– Charges agreement journal

Price/Discount Agreement Journal

The Price/Discount agreement journal is used to set up agreements for item prices and discounts, group prices and discounts, and customer and vendor prices and discounts. The journal`s main page contains fields to select the agreement type, the agreement code, and the start and end dates for the agreement`s validity. This page also allows for the selection of various criteria to base the agreement on. This includes inventory dimensions such as item group, item number, unit of measure, and site. It also includes financial dimensions such as the sales tax group, the item sales tax group, and the customer group.

Charges Agreement Journal

The charges agreement journal is used to set up agreements for additional charges and fees that apply to the transaction. This journal also contains fields for selecting the agreement type, agreement code, and start/end dates. The criteria for charges agreements include the customer/vendor group, the item group, and site.

Using Trade Agreements in Sales and Procurement Orders

Once the trade agreements are set up in the journal, they can be applied to sales orders and procurement orders. In the Sales order form, for example, the price/discount agreement applies to the item line and can be viewed in the Sales price tab.

Similarly, in the procurement process, the trade agreements can be seen in the Purchase order or Purchase requisition form. The Price/Discount agreement can be applied based on vendor and item groups.


Trade agreements are an essential component of managing procurement and sales operations, and the AX 2012 Trade Agreements feature provides a versatile and user-friendly platform for creating and maintaining these agreements. By understanding the Trade Agreement journal and the setup process, businesses can leverage this powerful tool to streamline procurement and sales processes, ultimately leading to better business outcomes.

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